Tips To Make Your Next Cycle Trip A Successful One

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Let’s face it, we all have loved cycling at least in one stage of our lives and most of us carry this passion for the two-wheeled ride of joy till we grow old. For all those of you who cannot decide on how you are going to spend the next weekend with a few more health-conscious and sporty individuals, cycling would be the best option because it provides an opportunity to enjoy the sweet summer air while giving you some much needed weekend exercise. However, much like any other trio, if you don’t plan what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, this too would become a serious mistake with some painful consequences. Continue reading this article to learn a few things that must be done to make sure you have the best time when cycling through the countryside.  

Be mindful about the terrain and the climate  

One of the reasons why cycling is so much more fun than driving a car is because of the added sense of danger of falling. Balancing this slender two wheeled structure is not the easiest job in the world, especially in rough, mountainous terrains. Also, the average two-wheeler will not be able to hold itself together in such conditions and you must use a specialized mountain bike for the job. Climatic conditions too can have a considerable impact on your trip and you must do the needful to ensure your safety and convenience. Rainy weather can make the roads particularly slippery, because of which you must use tires with a better grip to grab on to the road at all times. Also, remember to use waterproof bike pannier bags to keep your packed stuff from getting wet and ruined.  

Pack smart  

Packing for a cycling trip is nothing like packing for a car trip and you will have to be very selective. Only the most compulsory of intend can be included because extra weight can become a major concern as you travel. Carrying a backpack through the journey is not advisable because it impact your center of gravity and make you sweat a lot, leading to dehydration. Bikepacking saddle bags are a better alternative as they go under the seat and make plenty of space to accommodate the essentials such as a bottle of water, some carbohydrate rich snacks, an emergency medical kit and of course a repair kit for the ride.  

Dress for the trip  

If you’re thinking of putting on whatever clothes you can get your hands on and heading out on the trip on the big day, please stop and hear this out. A specific set of clothing are recommended for cyclists to keep them comfortable, safe and energized throughout the ride and you must follow these instructions to the dot. A helmet is a must to prevent head injuries waterproof jacket will give you protection from the burning sun or the pouring rain. Special cycling shorts with padded crotch areas provide an added sense of comfort and prevent chafing. Not forget the eye protection equipment which will keep your vision clear to steer you through all kinds of weathers. Gloves with special protection will keep your hands from getting injured if an accident is to happen.