How To Plan A Post-Proposal Party

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Congratulations! If you are reading this article then that means that you just got betrothed to the love of their life and you are now looking for a way to celebrate your proposal. Well if the above situation sounds similar to the one that you are currently in then you have come to the right place because the following article will not only talk about the ways in which one can celebrate their proposal instead it will go on to talk about the perfect way in which one can plan a post-proposal party to celebrate being betrothed to the love of their life.

Create a Budget

We understand that the purpose of this party more than celebrating your proposal is getting the chance to show off the rock on your finger which you personally think is the prettiest ring out of all the other engagement rings Bangkok. However, this does not mean that one should have to break a bank in order to host this party because what one needs to understand is that they would be spending a significant amount of money on their wedding reception therefore when planning this party one should attempt to keep it low key in order to keep the expenses low.

Guest List

When creating the guest list one important factor that one has to keep in their mind is that there is no need for this list to equate the list at the wedding instead as one is attempting to keep it low key one should strive to invite only close relatives and friends. Making sure that this celebration is an intimate affair would also provide the opportunity for members from the two families to interact and to get to know one another.


There is no need for one to go overboard with flower arrangements and other decorative pieces at this event because it is not the party Instead one can strive to keep the décor to a minimum in order to keep the focus on one of the prettiest diamond rings that is adorning your finger. You can view more here


As this is a low key event it is always advisable for one to host it at their own house, however, if this is not a viable option then one can opt to host the party at a restaurant where they can either reserve one table or even the party hall for this event.
Thus, with the help of this guide, one can proceed to plan an intimate affair to celebrate their love to one another amidst close friends and family.